Secret Sardinia
Mixed and in theme itineraires:

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  cultural, naturalistic, archeological, coastal,     speleological;

       Sport itineraries with activities as:

trekking, horse-trekking, paraslope,
ultralight flight, guided immersions,sailing, golf.

Jeep excursions;
Specific itineraires for journalists, experts, students;
Itineraires turned to the knowledge of handicraft  of the most important traditions  and feasts;
Professional tastings
Typical meals with sheperds;


Tailor made , all included packets and guarantees the best quality in tourist service as well as in prices  thanks to the contribution of experts' professional skills.

nuraghe.jpg (16444 byte) Is not a Travel Agency, therefore it doesn't provide ticket service, but we supply itineraires leaving from your reliable hotel, at your best convenience. Moreover, should not the itinerary not respected Secret Sardinia guarantees the refund of the total amount of the money.

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(photos: Courtesy of M. Farris - Cagliari)