Centro Immersioni Sardegna di Alessandro Pettinau

The diving centre "Centro Immersioni Sardegna" (C.I.S.) has been working since 1987 in the South-East of Sardinia,in the beach and in the marvelous sea of Costa Rej situated near the well-known cliffs of Capo Ferrato and not far from the isle of Serpentara where we usually dive. Here, as the climate and the condition of the sea are particularly good, tourists can enjoy the diving activities all year round in ths safest way.

Both the characteristics of the coast and the underwater scenery of Capo Ferrato offer the possibility of doing spectacular dives -15/-33 below.These can be reached by speedboats in only 10 minutes. The isle of Serpentara is protected by the low far archaeological reasons,which means that is forbidden to dive with aqualung; C.I.S. assures its divers unique immersions anyhow because it has succeeded in obtaining special permits giving the right to do this.

Also our full-day excursion to the isle of Serpentara and the isle of Cavoli and which comprehends two dives,can be considered unique for different reasons. All level divers will have the possibility to dive several times facing different difficulties in the safest way. C.I.S., a School associated with A.N.I.S. uses only diving equipment absolutely safe,big speedboats and operates with professional diving intructors.

It organizes guide of day and night dives every day. Each group comprehends a maximum number of 5 people. C.I.S. organizes both training courses introductory to diving skills, and courses aimed at getting international certifications (up to assistant instructor). All courses are kapt in open water. Particular attention is paid io courses for children (miminum age 6 years old). We collaborate with different local touristic operators and travel agencies so that we can help you to get any information you may need about accomodation and travel arrangemants which can meet requirements. Possibilities of accomodation in campsites, residences, hotels houses to rent, touristic viilages.
We want to draw your attention on our :

"Soggiorni Blu"...
wich include:
From 02 April to 01 MayUS dollars 722
From 02 May to 15 June US dollars688

Diving Equipment are avalaible.

Speciale Settimane Azzurre
(Minimo 4 persone)
dal 02 Aprile al 15 Giugno: da Lit 1.170.000 a Lit. 1.280.000 a persona

C.I.S. di Alessandro Pettinau
Via Dei Giudicati n. 1
09131 Cagliari - Italy
tel / fax +39 (0)70 807500 (winter)
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