Hotel Villa Las Tronas
Lungomare Valencia 1
I-07041 Alghero
(Sardinia, Italy) 

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Villa Las Tronas Hotel

Villa Las Tronas was, until the 1940s, the residence of the Italian Royalty during their holidays in Sardinia. Built towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Villa is erected on a private promontory, a few paces away from the centre of Alghero. 

Its park, suitably enclosed and with controlled accesses to it, separates it from the town traffic and creates a secure and exclusive oasis; the piers and terraces over the sea favour bathing in the summer and sport fishing in the winter, while the old dockyard, although partially sandy, is suitable for the mooring of small crafts. 

Villa Las Tronas conserves the historic atmosphere of an aristocratic buen retiro and guarantees its guests tranquillity, quietness, rest and the enchanting view of a gulf that has been defined as the most beautiful of the Mediterranean sea. 

The Hotel is open all year round.