The hotel Maladroxia bears the same name as the locality in which it is situated. Maladroxia is on the east coast of the island about 7 Km from the towm of Sant'Antioco.
The hotel is a mere 200 meters from the beach and overlooks the beautiful sheltered Golfo di Palmas, (Gulf of Palmas) which apart from being full of fish is ideal for all kind of water sports, especially sailing, canoeing, water-skiing and wind-surfing.
Etremely modern the hotel offers room with bathroom or shower, a restaurant, a covered veranda and a spacious patio with a wonderful view, a television lounge with bar, private parking. Breathtaking view from all sides including the only one wich does not overlook the sea.
Sant'Antioco, in terms of size is the fourth Italian island. It can be reached by car by a bridge across the lagune. The picturesque town of Sant'Antioco grew up on the ruins of the ancient Punic city of Solki, which gave the name Sulcis to the South-West region of Sardinia. one has ample evidence of this when one visit the Necroplis, the Tophet and the archeological museum.
Particularly interesting remains of the Nuragic civilization are the complex of Gruttiacqua with its sacred well and the tomb of the giants. Of relevant historical and monumental interest is the lovely church with dates back to the fourth and fifth centuries.