tel +39 (0) 781 855055/854028
telefax: +39(0)781 856499 854893
Steeped in the greenery of the Mediterranean bush, located in a charming position in close proximity to beaches and cliffs.
Tel: 0781 852088/9 - Fax: 0781 852077
Old Art-Noveau mansion, entirely renovated; it is located in the very heart of the town in a panoramic position adiacent to the boat's quay.
Tel: 0781 854028 Fax 0781 854893
Comfortable and modernly furnished rooms. Hospitality, Cordiality. Good Taste . Family mangement.
Tel: 0781 854470
Boat - docking facility hire. Boat maintenance and repair service. Rubber dinghy, motor boat and sail boat hire. ARA recharging facility. Diving.
Tel: 0781 856025
Beautiful trips around the isle to see and admire its natural beauties, the grottoes and the beaches. During the trips the boat make a stop for a bath in the crystalline waters.
tel: 0781 854331
Johnson - OMC distributor - Boat service Hyco 30 T. - Boat.docking facility along the warf - Nautic Shop Boutique (Nautical Articles) - ARA service - Boat hire
0781 854331
"Il Mago" (the Wizard). His cooking reconciles you with life.
Tel: 0781 855200
Good Plain and traditional cooking. Tel.: 0781 854773
It is advisable to ask for advice.
Tel.: 0781 854048
Famous restaurant located in the city centre. Terrace with a view of the sea. Discover the savours of the old cookinng of Carloforte.
Tel: 0781 855106
Try our cooking you will not look for anything better.
Tel: 0781 855734
Car Hire and taxi service: Tonino Peloso: tel 0336 813234
Battista Capriata: tel 0330 803388
Angelo Granara: tel: 0330 524129
Air, ship and railway ticket issuing office. Airport - Carloforte Isle transfert. Reception and assistance for incoming and outgoing tourists.
tel: 0781 855055

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