The Whale Theatre

One summer day, a whale was spotted at sea, approaching the Poetto beach. The initial fright was soon dispelled: it was simply the latest idea of the Teatro delle Mani: a boat was transformed into a giant whale inside which, once it reached the shore, actors and puppets staged the story of Pinocchio. It was a great success, and shows were held twice weekly throughout the summer of 1986.




The Bus Theatre

This special project was carried out over a three-year period, from 1986 to 1988, answering the need that was felt in Cagliari for new spaces which could involve the community in cultural and artistic projects. A double decker bus bought in Scotland was brought to Cagliari, where it immediately attracted the attention of children and grown-ups alike. It hosted puppet exhibitions and travelling shows. It was also used to organise conferences and meetings with students from middle and secondary schools.

It was also used for a period in Bologna to launch the Blue telephone, a help-line for children victims of abuse.

The Train Theatre

The need to connect the city of Cagliari to the small towns surrounding it; this led us to the develop the project of the train theatre. The State railways put at our disposal two train wagons, which, with the help of some elementary school classes we transformed into a travelling theatre. The children themselves devised their own stories which were then staged in the train theatre.



Brotzu Hospital

At the Paediatrics Ward of the Brotzu Hospital in Cagliari, we run a regular programme, now in its third year, called: Puppets in the ward; initially, a small area was reserved for the staging of puppet shows, greeted with enthusiasm by the small patients, their parents, and the staff and volunteers of the ward.

The evident enjoyment and happiness which these shows gave the children prompted us to go a step further; in agreement with the medical staff we set up a permanent area to provide all the children in the ward an area where to unleash their imagination, an on-going workshop, decorated with scenery and tree frames where the children can play, draw, paint, devise storylines for puppet shows, and develop the shows themselves, all the way to staging.

The special project, now in its second phase, is also centred on characters from Sardinian folk culture: in this way, while the fantasy and creativity of the children is stimulated, the roots of popular traditions are reinvigorated and kept alive for the younger generations.

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