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The cultural and musical experience of Sonus de Canna began in Ortacesus (CA) in 1978, at the school-laboratory of Dionigi Burranca (Samatzai 1913 - Ortacesus 1995), the great maestro of Launeddas who recently died. The founders have all been his disciples and have often assisted him in his activity as a concert musician and a teacher in many local and international meetings.

The principal aim of the association is to increase the value of and popularize the Launeddas through the study and research of popular expressive forms of the Campidanese area which are closely linked to the instrument, such as folk songs and dancing.
The music and songs proposed together with examples of traditional dancing that the association presents at its "concert-conferences" have no spectacular or exhibitionistic purposes but only cultural and popular divulgation aims in order to emphasize specific styles, and different types of local performances.
The performances are supported by film shows, void of aesthetic strains, which could modify their historical and artistic value.
What is of importance in the work are the so called "is Launeddas o Sonus de canna", which are the main instruments of Sardinian ethnophony: through Launeddas in fact it is possible to reconstruct centuries of history and musical traditions, including all possible variations, innovations and stages of development in the styles of performance and possible links with other instruments which are not specifically Sardinian but of Sardinian acquistion such as the guitar, barrel organ and accordion.

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