Musical Schools

In spite of the remarkable cultural vitality that the Launeddas represent till now it doesn't exist a proper regularly founded Academy of traditional music. The few existing schools are self - administered by promoters and popular music fond people with scant and often inexistent financial help. Somehow or other these organisms represent the only possibility for anybody who wants to deal with launeddas and Sardinian music in general.

This is the present situation:

Luigi Lai

Besides coaching several students at his "workshop" in San Vito, he holds a course for a few launeddas lover people in Suelli.

Orlando Maxia

He holds a few courses for about 25 students altogether in Senorbě and Sinnai.

Aurelio Porcu

He coaches a few students at his workshop in Villaputzu.

Giovanni Casu

He gives lessons to about 10 students at his workshop in Cabras.

Carlo Mariani

(A Roman musician and D. Burranca's former student) He holds a course in Quartu S. Elena, that is organized by "S'Iscandula " cultural Association for about 10 students.

Sergio Lecis e Bruno Loi

On behalf of "Sonus de Canna" Association they hold a few courses at the Association's in Assemini and in Guspini with the collaboration of Suoni Mediterranei Association and the municipality patronage, for about 10 students altogether.