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Poggio dei Pini, a private estate in the Sulcis area, is the main subject treated by this site, and is only a small portion of an almost forgotten island lying in the Mediterranean Sea, far from the world's main commercial and industrial routes.

In spite of this it's a wonderful place and a lot of people from all over the world love it. This rough and sweet island presses an indelible mark on the visitors' heart and is constantly in the thoughts of the Sardinians who left the island and migrated to the four corners of the world.

For this reason we think that the events and the beauties of this country deserve to be told to all the people in their own language. In English, certainly, that's the most spoken language in the western world, but why not in Albanian or Zwaili?

Recently three friends: Jenny Setchell, Giovanni Falconi and Lucia Pannese contacted us through the Internet and voluntarily helped us translating some pages of the site in English, Sardinian and German respectively. Thanks a lot to them all. We hope that more people will offer their contribution translating at least one page in whatever language, including the previously mentioned ones.

We'll be happy to receive your help. Send us a message!

Giorgio Plazzotta
Linea Poggio Webmaster

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