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Famous antropologists have been trying for a long time, to find the certain origin of the " canto a tenore", without succeding in it. Yet it is probably right assumed that the "canto a tenore" was born of timbres that riproduced the sounds of Sardinian country: bleats, bellows, calls, wistles, etc. This way of singing, sole in the world in the way, in existance only in Sardinia, in ancient times was probably in a large part of the island, but it keeps vital and alive only in its inland, in Barbagia and its neighbourhood. Also at Neoneli, a little village in the district of Oristano, bordering on Barbagia and Mandrolisai, the "canto a tenore" was very practised during convivial and joiyous occasions.

Since the Chorus of Neoneli can rely on a great number of singing modules, it's the only one amoung the "cori a tenore " able to give extremely varied concerts about two hours The concert of the Chorus of Neoneli provised traditional texts but above all texts composed by the group itself and dealing with different subjects:pyromania and environment, drugs, old age and childhood, love, emigration.We are talking about, for example , " Su ballu 'e su fogu" ( the dance of the fire), "Barones sa tirannia" (the Sardinian patriot's anthem against the Piedmontese feudal lords), "Unu sonnu" ( a dream of peace), "Anninnia" (lullaby), "Amore lontanu" (a song about emigration), " Finas a cando" (Till when ? a song about environment), " Nanneddu meu " (a popular song), " Su inu" (the wine about alcoholism)

Here we propose some of our passages taken from our albums. All songs are sampled at 11Khz. , 8bit, mono. Enjoy our music and let us know!

"Andare Andare" (1989): "Su Mondu Nou"(1992)

with Luigi Lai at the Launeddas

"Terra Nostra" (1996)

with Elio

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Il sito ufficiale del Coro di Neoneli