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Unterkunft: Ferienwohnungen in Sardinien

The villas in the offer are of different sizes and all of them at very brief distances from the beach and they cover many of the best localities in Sardinia. Some have swimming pools and tennis courts, others are a little simpler but nearly all have a magnificent sea-view.

Sun and Sea..but not only that !

Sardinia: an island but nearly a continent 
Come and spend your holidays in the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean.
Already renowned for the luminously white sands Sardinia can offer much more yet:
Come and discover the unspoilt wild nature on leisurely horseback treks, admiring incredibly twisted tree trunks growing in the most improbable places, seemingly anchoring the rocks by their roots, or observe the natural bonsai of unusual trees. 

The hinterland is rich in these incredible sights. 

Rest enchanted at the sight of the pink flamingo on the marshes - they have colonized the whole of Sardinia, nesting here. Become a birdwatcher and get to know the innumerable variety of wet-land birds.
Leap into the far distant past visiting the ruins of the ancient city of Nora, a fascinating archeological site situated right next to a fabulous beach, snorkelers can observe the city walls which continue underwater.
Take a stroll along the narrow streets of the medieval castle area (old Cagliari) now the place to find painters and artisans working in their studios or take a break and watch the life of the place while sipping the local wines or the invigorating local coffee in the many wayside cafés, high up on the various castle ramparts. You might just see the flight of the pink flamingoes as they wend their evening flight to the nesting places.

Take part in one of the many folk festivities which are held in every village and taste their culinary specialities. 

 Discover the warmth and hospitality of the people.
Get hypnotized by the perfumes of the spring-time air when almond flowers bloom and nature's vibrations reach out to us in a magical way.

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