The stateliness of the secular wild olive-trees sculptured by the wind, the aromatic fragrances of the Mediterranean maquis, the dwarf-palm and its exotic landscapes in miniature, the explosion of colours in the coat and plumage of the fauna, from the fox to the bee-eater and the flamingo: like this the territory of Carbonia appears to the attentive visitors.
It represents with its different landscapes, now rough and dry, now sweet and fresh, a precious tessera of the naturalistic and environmental mosaic that is the region of Sulcis
The climatic, landscape and geologic features help to make the municipal territory of Carbonia varied and peculiar. From the top of its hills it is possible to see the hilly and level landscapes and, in the distance, the sea and the neighbouring coasts of Sulcis, with the isles of San Pietro and Sant'Antioco.

It is geographical barycentric position gives the tourist the opportunity to visit all Sulcis at any time, with its beaches, mountains, caves, trekking itineraries and everything is nature.