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File'e ferru is surely the best known Sardinian distilled drink. It is made from selected marcs. "File'e ferru" (distilled white spirit) is a typical drink from Oristano and the inland villages. At the turn of the century, the "File'e Ferru" was subject to heavy taxation and in order to avoid paying the producers often buried it to hide it from the tax men. The name "file'e ferru" derives from the piece of iron wire which was used to indicate where the spirit had been buried.

It is worth mentioning another distilled spirt the famous grappa. The aroma and taste of the Grappa depends on the grapes from which it derives. Vernaccia, moscato, vermentino, cannonau and malvasia are all used to produce grappa and are widely available.
Among the digestive liqueurs there are Mirto rosso which is made from mirto berries alcohol, honey or sugar. "Mirto bianco" is a delicate liqueur made from flower buds and alcohol. It has a delicate taste and light green colour.

There is also Limonello and Ficodindia which are made from alcohol, sugar or honey and lemon peel in the case of "Limonello" and mature ficodindia in the case of "Ficodindia".
Villacidro liqueur is made from an ancient secret recipe. There are two types of "Villacidro" white and yellow. The yellow type is made with saffron which despite its oriental origins is grown in Sardinia.


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