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Cheese is the most exported food product from Sardinia. There are numerous varieties of cheeses, both fresh and mature, which have a wide range of tastes and different ways of serving them. Sardinian fresh sheep's cheese (DOC) is surely one of the best known cheeses in the world. It is made of sheep's milk and has the fragrance of uncontaminated grass.

It is cylindrical in shape and seldom weights more than 3 kg. Sardinian fresh sheep's cheese is an excellent table cheese. It can also be roasted or grated. Sardinian Fiore Sardo DOC is another cheese made from an ancient recipe using craft techniques. Its average weight is 3,5 Kg and it is made from fresh sheep's cheese curdled with lamb or kid's rennet. There is no doubt that Fiore Sardo DOC holds its place among the great cheeses of Italy. 
Let us not forget the canestrati cheeses that are produced from full cream sheep's milk, matured in wicker baskets; a wide range of sheep's fresh cheeses which are made of full cream sheep's milk, natural milk enzymes and liquid rennet; goat's milk cheeses which are made of full cream goats milk which, according to hygienists and dieticians, are the most suitable for healthy nutrition. 

Sardinia produces many ricotte which are made from the heated whey after the production of the cheeses made from sheep's milk.


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